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KOOKYE HDMI Touch Screen 3.5" FullHD


Features: Adjustable resolution: 480*320 to 1920*1080(recommended 3: 2) We recommend 720*480 and 810*540 Refresh rate: 60 frames per second,it supports playing video and games Touch function: It only works when the screen was mounted directly on GPIO pins on Raspberry Pi board, if power the screen and connect the screen to Raspbbery board with HDMI cable, then NO TOUCH FUNCTION!!! ON/OFF Switch: there is a switch on the screen so that you can turn off the display independently 3.5mm audio output Micro USB: usually we put the touch screen directly on the RPi GPIO pins. It also could be powered via micro usb, then connect the screen to raspberry pi with a HDMI cable.(attention:in this case, NO TOUCH FUNCTION, ONLY CAN DISPLAY).<> Compatible with systems: KOOKYE Customized OS Raspbian, kali, ubuntu and offical Raspbian,ubuntu(we are developing new dirver for the system such as Kali, Retrope, PiPlayer, windows10) Perfect Compatible with Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Size: 86x56mm Raspberry Pi 3.5" HDMI touch screen installation guide: http://kookye.com/2016/12/15/raspberry-pi-3-5-hdmi-touch-screen-installation-guide/ Caution: 1. If you want to use this screen at your current system, please install the driver according our instruction:http://kookye.com/2017/01/18/install-3-5-hdmi-touch-screen-linux-driver-on-raspberry-pi/. 2. It supports KOOKYE's customized image which is combinated 3.5" LCD driver and a fresh OS(Raspbian, Kali, or Ubuntu), please visit: http://kookye.com/2016/12/15/raspberry-pi-3-5-hdmi-touch-screen-installation-guide/ If the display can't show whole, please change the config.txt file in SD card, find the line hdmi-cvt and change the resolution in this line. After changing config.txt, save and reboot. Packing list: 1x 3.5 inches HDMI touchscreen 1x Touch pen 1x HDMI Converter

Precio: 38.25 €